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KazMoo / プレイリスト「腹筋強化月間2021 by KazMoo」公開!

KazMoo(Senor Perfecto)がキュレーターを務めたレーベルプレイリスト「腹筋強化月間2021 by KazMoo」を公開しました。



腹筋強化月間2021 by KazMoo

1, "Step Up" by NEVERFEAR

2, "Now is THE TIME" by 空手コンドル

3, "do NOT" by noTOKYO

4, "一通HELL" by Senor Perfecto

5, "Ape" by キャラメルパンチ

6, "ID" by TRAVE

7, "Reborn" by ASHIGALL

8, "イントロ" by Zangief Zangief

9, "スパイシーチョコ" by 洪水

10, "In Da Party" by Crown GanXta Family

11, "Stuck in a Maze" by A.O.

12, "For a Free Life (Walking at NIGHT mix)" by TRAVE

13, "羽衣" by TAPE ME WONDER

LINK:Apple Music で聴く

LINK:Spotify で聴く

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